Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lately my mind has been consumed with this thought: How great is our God! He is amazing. He can shock me with His awesomeness or His plan. He leaves me astounded and speechless. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with an idea, like this one, and I try hard to put it into words or to come up with an analogy it. Last night an interesting analogy came to me (keep in mind that analogies are not 100% accurate). God is a bit like electricity. He is our source of power and He lights our world. He allows us to tap into His power. We need it for life because we, on our own, cannot produce any light nor do we have any power. When we physically come into contact with electricity we receive a shock just like seeing bits of Him can do to us. I sometimes wish I understood or knew more about God and His plan but humans cannot know Him fully. He protects us from knowing his complete power/plan or we would be completely overwhelmed and unable to function (just like Moses was on the mountain). We cannot handle Him in His fullness.

Lord, thank you for allowing me to know You. Help me to be content with what You have allowed me to know about You and Your plan. Help me to rest in You and let You remain in complete control. You are my source of strength/power. Fill me with more of You. Remind me that I NEED You and cannot live this life on my own.

Great is our Lord and mighty in power... Psalm 147:5

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  1. AWESOME, Debby! So thankful today that He is our source. He is beyond description, so...Electric! :)