Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jesus loves the little children

The fam went hiking today on a short 3 mile trail. Everything was wonderful, we were all having a good time when suddenly, towards the end of the hike, Ginny bursts into tears. She cries, "I lost my shell!" You see, she had found what appeared to be a mollusk shell on the shore of the lake we were hiking near. She had carefully stored it in her dress pocket but all the running up and down the little hills had jarred the shell out of her pocket. We tried to help her find it. We prayed to God for help in locating the shell but we all knew that there was no way of knowing when or where the shell had fallen. God is greater than the circumstances and when we had almost given up, we found it! We were all so happy and thanked our Lord for guiding us to the shells hiding place. Isn't it amazing how God cares for even little requests made by young children? I am thankful He is proving himself to my kids so that they can know the God in whom they have placed their trust. Thank you, Jesus for loving the little children.

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