Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Turn that way

My kids and I were driving to a friend's house the other day. It just so happened that we had never been to their house so I had to print out directions. My six year old said to me, "You don't know where we are going do you?" With confidence I reassured her that I had directions and we would see our friends in no time. After we drove for a while I realized that some of the directions had gotten cut off which led me to wonder which direction to turn. My oldest again offered her advice to me, "Turn that way, Mommy." I then explained to her that you cannot turn whichever way you please. You have to follow the directions. This little exchange didn't take too long but it has left an impression on me as it relates to my spiritual walk. Do I ponder enough which way to turn in life? Do I seek God's direction and guidance from His Word and through prayer or do I just say, "Turn that way."

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  1. Hi sweet friend. I'm excited for your blog adventure. I know it will be a blessing!