Thursday, May 27, 2010

God wants me to be....

Holy. My last post I talked about my pastor giving us a two part homework assignment. I contemplated the first part on Monday and now here is part two. Romans 11:22 talks about God's kindness AND severity. I like to think on God's kindness but what does his severity mean and does it really affect me? My mind immediately went to God's holiness. He is so completely holy that He cannot tolerate sin. I then asked myself this question, "What sin am I harboring that I need to confess?" I was really hoping God would say, "You're good. You don't have to confess any sin." But unfortunately that is not what I heard. Pride was the blaring answer. I have struggled with this ugly sin my entire life. As a kid I received many compliments by my friends and adults which only made the problem worse. I would hear, "You are so good. You never do anything wrong." I thought I had my walk with God all figured out. Be good, do the right thing. All the while I ignored the pride that was festering. It silently has taken hold of me and I have allowed it to grow. This pride tries to cover over the creation God has made me to be like kudzu covering anything in it's path. Lord, if there is any good in me REMIND me that it comes from YOU. You are the Great Physician so please do surgery on me. Remove this ugly pride that tries to ruin our relationship and dirty Your name. Please take it, Lord!

What comes to mind when you contemplate God's severity?

for His glory!

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