Friday, May 28, 2010

Job Goals

A week ago today my children and I were visiting my parents. My mom and I went out with the kids and when we returned home my dad said he needed to talk to my mom. After he spoke with her, I found out that he had been let go from his company of over 30yrs. My dad's attitude about the whole thing was very godly. The coworker who called him to tell him the news said how sorry they were. My dad actually told them that God is sovereign and to not worry. It was at this point that my dad shared with me his job goal: To make his company successful. He was even willing to finish the projects he was in the middle of just to achieve his goal.

I then thought on what my goal should be. As a mom who stays at home, what is/are God's goal(s) for me in my job?

______Live for God everyday so my kids can see Him
______Model His grace and truth
______Be slow to anger and quick to forgive

No matter what vocation God has put you in, what is your goal?

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  1. What an awesome example your dad is! How different this world would be if people worked whatever job God has given them as if we were working right under HIS supervision.

    I guess that would be my goal. That every part of everyday would be one more step toward giving God glory.