Monday, January 17, 2011

Measuring up

Have you every set up "rules" for yourself when starting something new and failed to follow them? I did. I quit after I saw that I couldn't keep up with my made up rules or with others who participate in the same activity, blogging. Everyone else seems to write so well. Everyone else seems to write so often. Everyone else seems to have better topics. Everyone else... Over the past few months I have had so many good ideas for a blog entry but have ignored God's call to write them because I feel like a failure. God has used a few things in my life to bring me back to this blogging thing He has called me to. The main thing He used is the Daniel fast. My husband and I are on our 17th day of a 40 day fast (from just a few food groups). God has been AMAZING over these days showing us things from His Word and through prayer. God showed me through His Word that He can use anyone. He chose Moses even though he stuttered, He chose Rahab even though she was a harlot, He chose Joshua even though he was really old, and the list goes on.

I am so blessed to serve a God you can use "failures" or those who don't measure up!


  1. Oh Debby, what an encouraging word! Thank you for posting. Know that you've impacted my day for the better. You've encouraged me to move forward when perfectionism (or fear of failure) was holding me back. Bless you today!

  2. The comparison thing is so hard. Such a common trap in the world of being a woman. You are not alone. But thankfully we all live for our audience of One. And He sees our hearts. Your words are a matter how often you type them ;)