Thursday, February 10, 2011


So the last few days I have been struggling. Struggling with freedom. God has given us freedom in Him; freedom to eat what we want, freedom to make choices for ourselves, freedom from sin (I like that one). Yesterday was the final day of a 40 day fast and I feel sad. Sad that I now have to make MY own food choices again. I liked dedicating my food choices every day, every meal to HIM. Eating only what I promised Him I would eat. Now I have freedom again. Freedom is great but I am a rule follower. As a rule follower, freedom is hard. Couple that with no self control and I can have problems. If food is there, I eat it. Thank you, Lord for freedom. Help me to make wise choices when it comes to food and to life. Lord, thank you for these past 40 days to connect with you in a different way than I have ever done before.

How about you? Is freedom a blessing ALL the time for you or can it make things difficult because of your flesh?

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  1. I know what you mean about liking the rules. I guess the "rules" are still there in essence--I mean God is still holy and murder is still sin. Things still separate us from fellowship with Him. But in Christ we are free from the penalty when we do fall. How amazing. When it comes to food, I do think some choices are better than others--banana vs. hot fudge sundae--but we have been freed from being a slave to the chocolate in Christ. Ok, sorry to ramble. Love you, girl.